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ENTEGRE is experienced in the evaluation, application and development of project management systems for construction and  investment projects.

ENTEGRE can assist in developing effective management information systems. ENTEGRE is experienced in utilizing managerial and cost accounting methods, as well as the principles of quantity surveying and cost management for project monitoring and control. Consultancy services can be grouped as;

  • Project Management System Implementation Consultancy
  • Owner Representation and Lender Supervisory Services ENTEGRE provides " Owner's Represantation " services for all phases of design and construction from project inception through project completion and closeout. Services are focused on project planning, budget adherence and cost control, scheduling, identification and adherence to project time constraints, change order and claims mitigation while meeting the quality requirements of the contract documents. ENTEGRE provides comprehensive project management services to building and facility owners, designers and project investors.
  • Project Management System Tools Services ( YAPITAŞI ) (Development Of Management information systems for monitoring and controlling project progress )
  • Project Management Office Implementation
  • Business and Strategic Consultancy
  • Technical Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies


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