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BUILDEST Document Management System



BUILDEST is a document sharing and management software developed by YAPITAŞI information technologies to raise and improve ENTEGRE’s project management service standard.

In projects carried out by ENTEGRE, investors, project management, designers, contractors, and sub-contractors are systematically able to share project related files through BUILDEST.

BUILDEST developed entirely web-based. Through BUILDEST, parties of project by entering their unique passwords, can reach project related documents at any time and from anywhere, and quickly share them with other responsible parties.

Far beyond the classic methods, fast, secure, seamless file sharing and storage is provided with BUILDEST. Each upload, upload date, and time are recorded in the system.

Relevant persons can be notified of newly added files to BUILDEST by e-mail, instant messaging, and if desired via text message.

Thanks to these features, arguments ignited by frequently encountered problems such as file/project is not received are not seen in BUILDEST managed projects.

If you like, you can click on the link below, watch basic training presentation regarding BUILDEST, and obtain more information.

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