Design Management

With Design Management, it is aimed to increase the performance of the design team and to draw projects by the Clients’ requirements, standards, laws and regulations by the authors. Thanks to Design Management, a better design, better documentation, a design that does not exceed the Employer's target budget is created and target dates are met.

ENTEGRE offers the following services to the investor companies during the design phase of their construction projects.

  • Evaluation of Client’s Design Requirements
  • Preparation of Project-Specific Design Management Procedures and Control Documents
  • Preparation of Executive Summary or Design Summary
  • Evaluation of Proposals and Concept Design Information
  • Preparation of Designer Contracts and Annexes and Submission to The Client for Approval
  • Ensuring that the Design Is Compatible with the Client’s Requirements, Plan and Budget
  • Evaluation of the Design Process in Accordance with the Design Work Schedule
  • Regular Control of the Development of Design
  • Control of Designer's Design Process and Analysis of Design Data
  • Review of Design Components for Value Engineering Analysis and Assistance in Value Management
  • Defining Proposed Design Changes and Solutions
  • Evaluation of the Adequacy of Design Information (Project, Specification, BOQ, Etc.) and the Status of the Tender Process
  • Preparation of Tender Documents by Using EPY Database, If Requested by the Client
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