Project Management

Management of time, quality and cost is the critical activity for the successful application of project management in construction projects.

ENTEGRE's staff has taken part in management positions in major construction projects. ENTEGRE provides detailed services during the investment process of the construction projects and for managing and coordinating all design, procurement and construction activities. ENTEGRE has considerable and significant knowledge in procurement and tender management issues for the application of optimum procurement and tender strategies based on the requirements of the projects. Execution services can be grouped as;

  • Project Definition and Delivery Strategy
  • Budget Development and Cost Tracking
  • Develop Design Standards and Guidelines
  • Design Management and Design Process Monitoring
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Phasing and Master Schedule Development
  • Tender Management
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement, Schedule and Logistics Coordination
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Reporting System and Monthly Progress Report
  • Procurement Management and Construction Strategy
  • Construction and Post Construction Services
  • Monitoring / Site Supervision
  • Claim Management
  • Handover Management
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