BIM Consultancy

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is basically an information sharing process which all actors taking part in the design, construction and life cycle of the projects can benefit together; and the project data is digitally created and managed in a 3D environment. All the necessary information is transferred in the 3D designed model; the real life functions and technical characteristics of the objects used in the model are reflected. For example; in addition to the geometric properties of the product, all the information such as fire resistance, sound insulation value, unit price, labor related to the product can be transferred on BIM objects. Therefore, it is important to create a project-specific BIM model and to ensure that the data is transferred correctly in order to provide the most appropriate information about the related project.

BIM enables all disciplines or units to work in coordination with each other by making all the details of the project visible through 3D or higher modeling levels. It increases team motivation and productivity by preventing time waste. Among all other definitions for BIM, the most important factor is the full coordination. BIM also contains information which cannot be visually represented and makes it possible to visualize all the factors that may affect the project's work schedule, the required workforce. It is aimed to monitor all the processes related to the project visually based on the activity through the model, starting from the feasibility analysis until the compatibility and clashes of the projects from various disciplines.

ENTEGRE monitors, controls and coordinates BIM activities from design till delivery of the project within the scope of BIM Consultancy Services. Besides, with its expert staff in 4D and 5D modeling, it adds the time and cost dimensions to the BIM model beyond the work schedules that are followed in 2D and enables for users to follow the projects on an advanced BIM model. In this way, the physical status of the project can be followed in real time and thus it is possible to monitor the project accurately. If requested, the planned and actual status of the project can be compared on the model. In addition, field data is transferred to the model by using BIM 360 systems, RFIs, checklists and issues are created through the system and field management is carried out in cloud environment including site teams and employers. This enables the creation of a model-based work schedule in the field. With these activities, it is aimed that all processes related to the construction of the project can be monitored visually based on activity through BIM. In this way, the inter-disciplinary communication and information sharing are provided on the model created in the BIM system and the BIM model is prepared for operation processes as a reliable source of information related to the structure.

The services provided under BIM Consulting are listed below;

  • Project-Specific BIM Execution Plan
  • Strategy Management Plan
  • Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
  • Development and Control of the Code System Applied to the BIM Model
  • Control of the BIM Model and Evaluation of the Suitability of the Model Infrastructure to Employer Needs and BIM Execution Plan
  • Monitoring and Reporting the Progress Level (LOD) of the BIM Model based on Targeted Progress
  • Interdisciplinary Clash Detection Analysis and Reporting with Designers
  • Quantity Control via BIM Model
  • Ensuring the Collaboration of BIM with Site and Organizing Coordination Meetings
  • Field Management and Quality Management with BIM
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