Dispute Consultancy and Technical Evaluation

ENTEGRE, with 16 years of experience and expert staff, provides dispute consultancy and technical evaluation services in construction projects for the elimination of problems and disputes between project stakeholders, technical due diligence for the unfinished jobs and the assessment of project performance.

Firstly, the current situation is determined and as a result of the findings, a technical evaluation is carried out and reported to the client. In order not to repeat the problems experienced, a new road map is drawn and measures that can be taken are determined.

The services provided for each stage are listed below.

1. Due Diligence

  • Examining the terms and scope of the contract, determining responsibilities between employers and stakeholders, examining their share of duties and identifying changing conditions
  • Control of projects for all disciplines and sub-disciplines such as architectural, mechanical, electrical, statical and examination of the compliance with the relevant standards, scope of the contract and the demands of the employer
  • Determination of project progress and percentage of completion, for each of the completed and unfinished parts of the work; detection of time extensions, non-conformities, requests for changes and delays in project activities,
  • Evaluation of the project with supporting documents (photos, videos etc.), obtaining opinions of people involved in the project
  • Controlling progress payments, bill of quantities and past payments, inspection of procurement and purchases made, identifying financial harm caused by additional costs of project stakeholders
  • Identification of additional jobs (Job Increase-Decrease); determining job description, location and time, reason for the absence of the additional jobs if not included in the contract

2. Technical Evaluation and Reporting

  • Revision of responsibilities and scope of work depending on new conditions
  • Informing the parties about the final receivables and payables by calculating the final progress payment for the determined progress
  • Making the correct cost analysis for controversial items, depending on the circumstances of the time
  • After checking the quality of the completed works, calculating the cost required to bring it into compliance with the contract standards
  • Ensuring effective communication between project stakeholders throughout all processes
  • Making the necessary determinations and reporting on the settlement of disputes without the need for court proceedings

3. Determining a New Roadmap

  • In order not to encounter the problems again; identifying the specific needs of the project and creating a roadmap for the successful implementation and completion of the project.
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