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Keeping the Record of the Project Data

Project Management is the integration of many systems and documents. If the right system, the right document and the right team are assembled together, the probability of success of will be highest to meet the project objectives. Even the best systems cannot go further than just being recorded documents without a good team. These 3 elements should be adapted in the project in a balanced way. Just as we try to keep balance in projects between budget / schedule / quality, we should also be seeking the same balance between the system, the document and the team that is going to provide it.

Just a good team and a good system would prevent being questionable and taking records for the future impossible. Just a good system and a good documentation would increase the possibility of the failure of the project; it should be remembered that systems would not work without teams. Just a good documentation and a good team would bring individual achievements to the forefront and deviations from project goals would be likely. In summary, balance is important. In terms of project approach, the project management firm should look out for both its own organization and the project management plan integrity. Teams that have finished projects together always push the company and the systems in the good direction.

It would be insufficient to just follow and manage all the stages throughout the project duration. Accurate reporting is a necessity for both recording and access of different stakeholders to the appropriate content. As project management is the central point of data collection and distribution, it can prepare different types of reports starting with executive summary down to very detailed reports and helps all stakeholders to be on the same page. The main objective of the reports is to determine whether the project is moving towards the objectives, the cause and consequences of these findings, and to identify corrective actions if necessary. Reports are generally daily, weekly, 2 weekly, monthly and quarterly. Mostly used reports are daily and monthly. With daily reports, the past day is recorded and the planning for the next day is made in a micro level. The monthly report records the project in all aspects for the completed month and presents deviations from goals and corrective and preventive actions. In the monthly reports; cost, duration, workforce, approvals, pending issues, design decisions, etc. should be explained in detail. For example; in terms of budget management, the budget status, the progress payment status, the work order approval status, the cash flow and the comparative estimation status should be presented both numerically and graphically.

With the temporary acceptance at the end of the construction, the Project Management Company prepares and presents a special closing report for the project. This report presents a broad perspective of the project (cost, duration, quality, coverage, etc.) as well as all project documents (application drawings, specifications, material approvals, contracts, operating instructions, tests, reports, etc.) and allows them to be stored a single location. This report also contains project-specific lessons and new know-how for the project management firm. The knowledge and the lessons learned are transferred to all on-going and future projects through project management offices (PMO) within project management firms. This way, with each project it is aimed to get better results in future projects within a better system. Learned lessons do not have to contain only bad experiences. Good and correct practices should also be recorded so that all teams within the project management company can learn from these experiences.

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