Management Policies

According to the needs of each project ENTEGRE constitutes processes of planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and documenting. The continuous review, certification, inspection and testing of project components are carried out to determine the conformity of such components with the plans, specifications, applicable standards and project requirements.


Quality Policy

ENTEGRE ensures quality and the efficient usage of quality control procedures during all the project phases. For this purpose, ENTEGRE commits the below quality standards to its clients:

  • Proceed according the clients’ requirements
  • Serve within the scope of changing world conditions, technological advancements and social needs
  • Meet economic, social and environmental responsibilities
  • Propose an ethical and transparent management policy
  • Deliver the project on time and within the defined standards
  • Ensure the health and safety
  • Give a customer satisfaction oriented service with the vision of sustainable growth

Health and Safety Policy

ENTEGRE creates awareness on ‘Health and Safety’ topics and ensures to carry out the project with the purpose of ‘Zero Work Accidents’.

Environmental Policy

ENTEGRE aims minimizing environmental damage and maximizing opportunities for environmental enhancement. For this purpose, ENTEGRE starts to carry out all projects by considering the potential for environmental impacts as an important part of the decision-making process. All the targets to achieve a progressive reduction in environmental impact should be established and audited to ensure compliance with local laws and legislation. Personnel responsibility at all levels should be promoted and any assistance, training, and information must be provided.

Data Safety and Security Policies

ENTEGRE has developed in-house safety and security policies and processes based on globally adapted standards. According to this policy ENTEGRE requires a pre-qualification from the contractors al the very beginning of the project and insists on the contractors to apply all the safety procedures. All applications of safety and security policies and processes are in full conformity with the local laws and legislation.

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