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Turkey Construction Industry Report 2020/Q4

The construction sector, which has an economically active role, was affected by the epidemic that started in the first quarter of 2020 and continued, as in many other sectors. While the impact of the epidemic on the sector was felt strongly in the 2nd quarter, it recovered with the normalization process in 3 quarters, but it entered a downward trend with the continuation of the epidemic and the end of the support packages in the last quarter. Construction Sector decrease by 3.5% in 2020

When the Construction Sector Confidence Index Data are analyzed, according to the data published by Turkstat in January 2021,

  • The seasonally adjusted construction confidence index, which was 79.0 in the previous month, decreased by 7.2% in December to 73.3.
  • In the construction sector, 27.4% of enterprises in December stated that there were no restrictions on their activities, while 72.6% stated that there was at least one main factor restricting their activities.
  • Among the main factors that restrict activities in the construction industry; While "financing problems" were 42.7% in November, 41.2% in December, "insufficient demand" was 34.2% in November, 37.2% in December, and 15.3% in "other factors" in November ıt became 23.1.

In the 2020 fourth quarter issue of the Construction Sector Report that we have prepared as Entegre Project Management; you can find an oppurtunity to observe the current situation of construction sector in Turkey and the World during pandemic period and data about below topics;

  • Sectoral Growth Rates,
  • Share of Construction Sector in GDP,
  • Cost ındex,
  • Rebar Prices,
  • Cement Sales and Export Values,
  • Housing Loan,
  • House Price Index,
  • Housing Sales
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