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Turkey Construction Industry Report 2021/Q2

In the second quarter of 2021, vaccination against the Covid-19 pandemic became widespread throughout the world. With the increase of vaccination, specially in developed countries, pandemic is started to taken under control. This situation made economic activities to incease and revealed a positive outlook in the global economy. In fact, the stage of recovery from the pandemic differs from country to country. In this period, along with the fear of increasing inflation, there is a concern that the “abundant, long-term, cheap dollar” period in the global conjuncture has come to an end.

In addition; When the activities that make up the GDP are examined; In the second quarter of 2021, as a chained volume index compared to the previous year;

  • Services 45,8%
  • Industry 40,5%
  • Real Estate 3,7%
  • Agriculture 3,25%
  • Construction 3,1% by increasing,
  • Finance and insurance activities  22.7%. by decreased.

In the 2021 second quarter issue of the Construction Sector Report that we have prepared as Entegre Project Management; you can find an oppurtunity to observe the current situation of construction sector in Turkey and the World.

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